Nida Khanum (Batch Of 2016)

“Grow through what you go through.”

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”

“Normality is a paved road: it is comfortable to walk but no flowers grow.”

WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW : Lady Shri Ram College for Women

MEANING OF BEING A MODERNITE : I am sure every MSOSA scholar would have a lot to say while responding to this question and for me the case is no different. Modern gave me a new life altogether. This journey which began back in 2009 was indeed a very difficult one as it wasn’t easy for me to carve out a space for myself. I remember walking through the gates of the red walled building for the first time when I was full of anxiety but it is within those walls that I realised my true potential. Initially, every day came up as a challenge that I wasn’t ready to face but that place gave me hope after a phase of despair. I survived the initial years when I just wanted to come back to my little world, back home.

What really got me out of that phase was my supportive family and my sponsors Chander sir and Seema ma’am, who together made me realise that nothing comes easy in life and everyone has to go through their share of struggles. Let me not forget to mention someone who has been equally supportive throughout my journey, our former principal, Lata Vaidyanathan ma’am, I can’t thank her enough for her constant support and for meetings wherein she taught us not to give up and prove that we truly deserve whatever was being given to us.

I worked hard and things slowly began to change. Eventually Modern made me feel like I belong to that place and I finally started liking the tag “Blue Blooded Modernite”.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN SCHOOL : Every time I used to get an award by MSOSA Trust for my annual academic performance (beginning from 2011) my parents looked at me with pride without uttering a single word and those moments for me are the most memorable ones. Another day that I can never forget is the student-parents orientation day- I remember Lata ma’am introducing all of us (MSOSA scholars) to the teachers and student community. She had asked me a question while she was introducing me to everyone- “what position will you get in your class?” This question was being asked because I was the topper for all years in the government school that I had come from. Not exactly knowing what I was getting into, very innocently, I said “first” and there was a round of applause. In the years that followed, my position in class was far from “first” and that was perhaps the most disheartening thing that had ever happened to me. But I worked hard, at times going beyond my potential and finally after seven years, I came “first”. I couldn’t believe when I was told that I have topped my stream. I wish my mother was alive to again see me with pride without uttering a single word. My sister joined me when I got a call from school to collect not one but three trophies for being the topper, for being the best student in the academic category and for getting highest marks in English (coming from an Urdu medium school, that trophy is like a dream come true).

That day marked the end of my difficult but beautiful journey in Modern School Barakhamba but not my association with MSOSA Trust which continues to support me for my higher education. I want to thank my sponsors, Chander sir, Seema ma’am and Trust members,Sunder sir, Puri sir and others who have always been by my side and always encouraged me to give my best. I also want to thank my teachers who supported me throughout, especially Firoz sir for his constant effort and support.