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The Modernites Trust

Modern School, founded in 1920 by nationalist-minded, visionary educationist Lala Raghubir Singh, with an aim to impart Indian and progressive education to children has blossomed into one of the leading educational institutions of the country.

The Modern School Old Students' Association (MSOSA) is one of the most active & vibrant Old Students' Association in the country today with a membership of approx 17000 members.

Over years, MSOSA has engaged in a number of cultural and sporting activities to raise funds for supporting various philanthropic activities and has contributed to the national causes like Kargil War Relief in 1999, Gujarat Earthquake in 2000, Tsunami relief efforts in 2004 and Relief for students who lost their parents due to Covid in 2020.

The Modernites Trust was created in 1983 by MSOSA to support the charitable and philanthropic activities.

The most important and prominent activity the Trust supports is the Scholarship Programme under which free education in Modern School is provided to meritorious and needy students from the under-privileged sections of society.

Since its inception, there have been over 130 beneficiaries. Each year 32-35 students are studying in Modern School, Barakhamba Road under this program.

The Modernites Trust was established as a recognized charitable organisation under section 12A of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Under the Income Tax laws, income of the Trust is exempt from taxes subject to certain conditions and rules stated in law.

The Trust is also registered under section 80G of the said Act. Indian taxpayers are entitled to a 50% deduction for donations to the Trust subject to the total deductions not exceeding 10% of the donor's total gross taxable income. Usually, tax deduction is not available in foreign countries towards contribution made to Indian Charitable trust, unless applicable under their respective country's law.The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees which includes six Permanent Trustees and five Ex-officio Trustees including President of MSOSA and Principal of Modern School, Barakhamba Road. The Permanent Trustees are appointed for a term of 5 years, which may be extended for another two terms or till the age of 65 whichever is earlier. Any vacancy is filled up by the remaining Permanent Trustees only.

Our Objectives

  • To provide, establish, institute, maintain, control, run, manage, aid and support an educational scholarship fund for the benefit of poor and needy student of, or studying in Modern School and for any other needy student of the Public in general and to do any act, deed or thing necessary for or conducive to the promotion of this object.

  • To give financial help, aid, scholarships, prizes, stipends, loan or grant to any person, society trust institution or authority for promotion of education, literature, science and fine arts.

  • To sponsor, open, take over, organize, establish, maintain and promote or run educational and cultural institutions, schools, colleges, academies, laboratories and libraries and in particular to aid and institution or person for research in Indology and Indian cultural studies.

  • To provide medial relief to the poor and needy persons and to set up hospitals and dispensaries.

  • To promote research in art, science, agriculture and other objects of general public utility.

  • To hold seminars, arrange lectures, conferences, exhibitions or other meetings for dissemination of knowledge and advancement of humanities, culture, science and fine arts.

  • To give financial help, aid, loans or grants to any person, society, trust, institution, organization or authority for the relief, educational or medical, of the poor, and to carry out any other work for their relief and the advancement of general public utility.