Nitin Bharara
Batch of 1993

The writer is the First Modernite Scholar. He is a poet, writer and an entrepreneur exploring possibilities in 36 countries around the world.

The year was 1985. Riding pillion behind my dad on the rickety ‘Hamara Bajaj’ scooter we crossed Barakhamba Road. My dad slowed down and point- ing towards Modern School he said, “This is one of the best schools in India”. I asked, “Papa why don’t I study here”. He replied, “I cannot afford to send you to this school. It’s expensive and I have three chil- dren to send to school”. Possibility was paused. The year was 1986. The advertisement in the newspaper said that Modern School was offering 100% scholarship to two meritorious students who could not afford to study there. Possibility was being promoted.
We applied for the interview. On 26th June 1986, the day of the interview, we reached Modern School with a lot of hope. There were so many kids who had come to explore the possibility and try their luck. Possibility was being probed.
All other applicants were studying and mugging up multiplication tables. My mother asked me, “What is 19x6”. I could not answer. She told my dad that he had wasted Rs 50.00 on the application form. She said I would not be selected as I was totally unpre- pared and did not even know what 19x6 equaled. She saw no hope. Possibility perished.
During the interview, Mr. Bakshi, Mr. Puri and a few others (I cannot recall), just asked me about my dreams and aspirations. I recited poetry, talked a lot and told them that I wanted to become a pilot. I wanted wings. I wanted to explore the world. The in- terview ended. My mother was disappointed and felt that the interview did not go well. Also the fact that I was not asked to recite multiplication tables, meant that the interview panel did not see any possibility in me. Possibility was perplexing.
A month later postman delivered a letter from Modern School. The letter read, “Congratulations on your son’s selection for admission and award of scholarship in Modern School”. I was the only one to be awarded The First Modernite Scholarship. They could not find a second suitable candidate. Possibili- ties have no patterns.
Though I did not become a pilot but Modern did give me wings and opened a whole new world of possibilities for me to explore. I explored my debat- ing skills (later became an RJ at All India Radio), and writing skills (led me to work as a business + cre- ative writer). Exploration of science at Modern led me to study engineering and computer applications after school. The kind of exposure and confidence that Modern gave me made me even hungrier to explore new possibilities. Possibilities persist if you persist.
I went to USA to study business management, on a 100% scholarship. Preparedness and confidence attained at Modern coupled with the spirit of explor- ing possibilities led to my selection for this business management program, from amongst candidates from 13 countries. I am now an entrepreneur explor- ing possibilities in 36 countries. Possibilities open new paths.
Modern School has shaped my present and my fu- ture. The Modernite Scholarship Program is not just a financial aid to students; it is a world of possibilities. There are a lot of other schools that offer financial aid to students, but they do not offer the kind of possi- bilities that Modern can offer. These possibilities can change a student’s life the way it has changed mine. At Modern, these possibilities promise parity.
Thank you, Modern, for all the possibilities.

Gauri Rastogi
Batch of 2012

Hi, I am Gauri Rastogi from the batch of 2006-2012.

Prior to Modern School Barakhamba Road, I pursued my primary education from DAV School, Shalimar Bagh. I got to know about the MSOSA scholarship programme through a newspaper advertisement and applied for the same. I successfully passed the criteria and my education was sponsored by Mr. Neeraj Kaul.

After completing schooling at Modern, I went on to pursue Software Engineering from Delhi Technological University.

I am currently working with Amazon, Seattle, USA.

Message to the trust - Eternally grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn.

Message for the scholars- Keep working hard and enjoy life to its fullest. Continue to shine. Always there to support.

Khushboo Sharma
Batch of 2015

Hi, this is Khushboo Sharma from 2008-2015 batch.

Before entering Modern School Barakhamba Road, I pursued my education from Paradise Public School. I came to know about the scholarship scheme through a newspaper advertisement and appeared for the same.

After completing 7 years of education at Modern, I went on to pursue BA (History Hons) from Miranda House, Delhi University, followed by a Master’s degree in History.

I also experimented by going beyond academia by enrolling myself into a Yoga certificate course from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga. I am currently pursuing B.Ed from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan.

I am a professional Yoga Instructor as of now.

Message to the Trust - I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their constant support and motivation. Forever grateful to the trust.

Message for the current scholars- स्वस्मै स्वल्पं,समाजाय सर्वस्वं - A little for yourself and everything for others. Work hard and never give up.

Ifra Ajmali
Batch of 2016

Hi I'm Ifra Ajmali from the batch of 2016.

Prior to Modern School, I pursued my primary education from Shafique Memorial School. My education at Modern was sponsored by The Modernites Trust by the 1983 batch (Ms. Seema Kapur and Mr. Chander Mohan Lall).After completing my education at school, I pursued Bachelor's in fashion designing. I'm currently a business head and designer.

I convey my heartfelt gratitude to the Modernites Trust for embedding a vision that I could not have imagined if it wasn’t for the opportunities that I came across while I was at Modern School.

A message for the current scholars from me - Modern School was never a dream place but definitely a place that teaches you how to dream and how to achieve them. It’s a slow process but definitely worth it.

Nida Khanam
Batch Of 2016

Hi, this is Nida Khanam from the batch of 2016.

I pursued my primary education from Shafique Memorial School. A large part of my primary education was in Urdu medium. I got to know about the MSOSA scholarship program through a newspaper advertisement and applied for the same with the hope of changing the landscape of my academic life and my career ahead.

I passed the written test followed by an interview and to my good luck, I was one of the five students who were selected for the scholarship in 2009. My education at Modern was fully sponsored by Mr. Chander M. Lall.

I initially struggled academically owing to the complete change in the language medium but eventually went on to get the highest marks in my stream and set an all-time record by securing 99% in the English language (something I initially struggled with the most)!

After completing my schooling at Modern, I went on to pursue Political Science Hons. from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and was awarded the best student of Political Science for the year 2017. Thereafter, I pursued law from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi.

I am currently a practicing advocate, employed as an Associate with an Intellectual Property boutique law firm- Lall & Sethi.

Message to the trust- Modern School and MSOSA Trust introduced me to a world of opportunities and endless possibilities. It truly empowered me and made me realise that I could dare to dream.

Message for the scholars- Dream. Dream big and make it happen!

The limitations in your life are only in your head. There is nothing holding you back but yourself. Paint the world with your grit and perseverance. I am just a call away if you need anything. All the best!

Mohommad Kamran
Batch of 2018

B.Sc. Aeronautics (Dual Degree Programme) in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia in collaboration with Pawan Hans Limited.

I never would have imagined pursuing this professional course, but MSOSA and the Modernites Trust has helped me live my dream. The Modernites Trust never let my financial problem become a barrier in my education and career. The Trust provided aid even after school for all the three years of my course. The members of the Trust always showed their support since the beginning and even during the hard times of COVID – 19. I am very grateful to all of them and remember all the members of the Modernites Trust in my prayers.

Varun Khurana
Batch of 2019

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, (IIIT-Delhi).

I am proud to have been a student of an institution as prestigious as Modern School Barakhamba Road, which has given me unparalleled opportunities, exposure and memories that are to be cherished for a lifetime. I express my heartfelt gratitude to MSOSA and the Modernites Trust for the generous and unwavering support. The Trust has continued to partially sponsor my higher education studies, to help me accomplish my dreams.

Rishabh Raheja
Batch of 2019

I am eternally grateful, humbled and proud to say that I am a Modernite. For me this is not just an institution but a place of worship. A place which I am proud to call my temple and my birthing place.   

It is only when I stepped out and faced the harsher aspects of the world that I realized what I had gained in the years that I thought were ordinary and monotone -It is only when one’s mettle has been tested and personalities shaped, does one gain the confidence and skill it takes to be a Modernite. 

Currently, I am working with an International Marketing agency - Vayner Media and am the account manager for Maybelline India and YouTube

All of what I have achieved has been possible due to Modern, which in turn was due to Modernites Trust sponsoring my education. I hail from a humble background where I never thought I would be exposed to the opportunities that I am now, all of which I credit back to the organisation and the institution. I hope to give back to the community in a similar fashion, which is also why I taught Modernites Trust Scholarship students during the pandemic.