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Gurudakshina Programme

The Trust is also utilizing its funds for giving "GURUDAKSHINA" purse to old retired teachers as a mark of respect for their unconditional contribution to the students and school. Till today over 80 retired teachers have been conferred with Gurudakshina.

List Of Gurudakshina

S.No. Date Name Posthumously / Late School Category Tenure
1 08-Feb-1997 Dr. K.D Bhardwaj Late Modern School Headmaster / Sanskrit 1967-1968
2 08-Feb-1997 Mr. N.K Bose Late Jr. Modern School Headmaster / English 1944-1971
3 08-Feb-1997 Mr. R.D Goyal Late Jr. Modern School Headmaster / Social Studies 1943-1981
4 08-Feb-1997 Mr. Uma Shankar Nigam Late Modern School Physics 1945-1978
5 08-Feb-1997 Mr. Vishnu Dutt Late Modern School Sanskrit / Hindi 1948-1981
6 08-Feb-1997 Mr. Ved Vyas Late Modern School Vasant Vihar Founding Principal Modern School Vasant Vihar/Hindi/ Drama 1949-1972
7 08-Feb-1997 Ms. H.B Cutttler Late Jr. Modern School All Subjects 1947-1985
8 08-Feb-1997 Ms. R.D. Roberts Late Jr. Modern School English 1946-1985
9 07-Apr-2002 Ms. S Jogindra Modern School Headmistress/ Geography 1960-1989
10 07-Apr-2002 Ms. Kamla Nigama Late Jr. Modern School Hindi 1950-1983
11 07-Apr-2002 Mr. Narendra Sharma Modern School Dance 1955-1985
12 12-Apr-2003 Mr. A.K Chaturvedi Late Modern School Headmaster / Hindi 1961-1994
13 12-Apr-2003 Ms. Lajja (Malhotra) Khanna Late Jr. Modern School All Subjects 1947-1984
14 12-Apr-2003 Mr. S.P Bakshi Modern School Principal 1982-1996
15 10-Apr-2004 Ms. A. Sengupta Late Jr. Modern School English 1960-1980
16 10-Apr-2004 Ms. Rita Talwar Modern School Biology 1969-1997
17 10-Apr-2004 Ms. Geeta Dudeja Jr. Modern School Headmistress 1963-2003
18 08-Apr-2005 Mr. L.N Khurana Late Modern School Sports 1955-1977
19 08-Apr-2005 Mr. C.K Chadha Late Modern School English 1966-1986
20 08-Apr-2006 Mr. O.P Sharma Modern School Photography 1963-1998
21 08-Apr-2006 Ms. Padma Khera Late Jr. Modern School All Subjects 1961-1982
22 08-Apr-2006 Ms. S. Kaur
23 14-Apr-2007 Mr. M.R Mehndiratta Late Modern School Chemistry/ Headmaster 1974-1986
24 05-Mar-2008 Mr. R.K Bhatia Modern School Maths / Principal 1996-2000
25 05-Mar-2008 Ms. Mohini Talwar Jr. Modern School All Subjects 1973-1988
26 11-Apr-2009 Ms. Renuka Khanna Modern School English 1963-1988
27 11-Apr-2009 Ms. Kaushalya Vaid Late Jr. Modern School All Subjects 1969-1993
28 09-Apr-2010 Ms. Raj Batra Modern School Sanskrit/ Headmistress 1975-2002
29 09-Apr-2010 Ms. Renu Malhotra Jr. Modern School Science / Maths 1966-2000
30 01-Apr-2011 Mr. B. C. Sharma Late Jr. Modern School Dance/ Art 1962-1992
31 01-Apr-2011 Dr. Subhash Arora Modern School Economics/ Vice Principal 1972-2000
32 18-Apr-2012 Ms. Neelam Puri Modern School Chemistry / Headmistress 1974-2009
33 18-Apr-2012 Ms. Leela Moitra Late Jr. Modern School All Subjects 1972-1989
34 18-Apr-2012 Dr. V. K. Baweja Modern School Sports 1967-2006
35 06-Apr-2013 Ms. P. Chander Jr. Modern School 1969-1987
36 06-Apr-2013 Ms. Mridula Vichitra Modern School Art 1977-2007
37 06-Apr-2013 Mr. K. K. Mohindroo Modern School Physics 1965-1982
38 06-Apr-2013 Mr. E.R.R Menon Posthumously Modern School English 1957-1977
39 06-Apr-2013 Mr. S.P. Chaudhary Posthumously Modern School Economics / English 1948-1974
40 12-Apr-2014 Ms. Usha Sharma Posthumously Modern School Civics 1962
41 12-Apr-2014 Ms. Shanti Dhulia Jr. Modern School Maths 1972-2000
42 12-Apr-2014 Ms. Usha Bhalla Modern School Geography 1980-2008
43 12-Apr-2014 Ms. Ragini Maheshwari Modern School Biology 1972-2008
44 12-Apr-2014 Mr. Awadh Kishore Posthumously Modern School English 1931-1967
45 12-Apr-2014 Mr. Radhey Mohan Mathur Posthumously Modern School Maths 1943-1968
46 12-Apr-2014 Ms. Amrit Sachdeva Posthumously Jr. Modern School Headmistress 1948-1977
47 02-Apr-2015 Ms. Lata Vaidyanathan Modern School Principal 2000-2014
48 02-Apr-2015 Ms. Sheetal Chaudhary Late Jr. Modern School English/ Maths 1972-2000
49 02-Apr-2015 Mr. Girjesh Giri Modern School Physics 1978-2004
50 01-Apr-2016 Mr. V.K. Pahuja Posthumously Jr. Modern School Hindi / Social Studies 1967-2006
51 01-Apr-2016 Mr. R.K. Sharma Posthumously Modern School Hindi 1983-1987
52 01-Apr-2016 Ms. Meena Joshi Modern School Sports 1978-2003
53 01-Apr-2016 Ms. Rita Gupta Modern School Chemistry 1979-2014
54 01-Apr-2016 Ms. Manjula Khullar Jr. Modern School Biology 1972-2004
55 01-Apr-2017 Mr. S.C. Asthana Posthumously Modern School Commerce 1972-1989
56 01-Apr-2017 Mr. M. L. Babar Late Modern School English 1962-1982
57 01-Apr-2017 Mr. M. C. Aggarwal Modern School Chemistry/ Headmaster 1979-2003
58 01-Apr-2017 Mr. Ram Kishan Late Jr. Modern School Librarian 1963-2004
59 07-Apr-2018 Mr. S. K. Gambhir Modern School Sanskrit 1964-1975
60 07-Apr-2018 Ms. Swaraj Mehta Jr. Modern School Hindi 1975-2007
61 07-Apr-2018 Mr. K. C. Shukla Modern School Biology 1972-1987
62 30-Mar-2019 Mr. Kanwar Juneja Modern School Civics 1969-1980
62 30-Mar-2019 Mr. R.K. Chaturvedi Posthumously Modern School Maths 1989-1994
63 30-Mar-2019 Ms. Tara Chadha Late Modern School Maths / Headmistress 1972-1990
64 30-Mar-2019 Ms. Anita Makhija Jr. Modern School Social Studies 1975-2012
65 8-Nov-2020 Mr. I.S. Arora Posthumously Modern School Chemistry/ Headmaster 1968-1996
66 8-Nov-2020 Mr. Taranbir Singh Posthumously Modern School Chemistry / Headmaster 1968-1996
67 8-Nov-2020 Ms. Sushma Kapoor Jr. Modern School Social Studies 1977-2001
68 8-Nov-2020 Ms. Vineeta Chaturvedi Modern School All Subjects 1961-1973
69 18-Oct-2021 Ms. Vijay Singh Modern School Biology/ Headmistress 1978-2013
70 18-Oct-2021 Ms. Madhu Agrawal Modern School Biology 1980-2015
71 18-Oct-2021 Ms. Manju Mehra Jr. Modern School All Subjects/ Officiating Principal Modern School, Ghaziabad 1977-2014
72 18-Oct-2021 Mr. K.C. Tyagi Posthumously Modern School English 1978-1993
73 18-Oct-2021 Ms. Kamlesh Behl Posthumously Jr. Modern School Hindi
74 04-Dec-2022 Ms. Promila Chaudhary Jr. Modern School English 1980-2003
75 04-Dec-2022 Ms. Pratima Banerjee Jr. Modern School English 1977-1999
76 04-Dec-2022 Mr. Umesh Rastogi Modern School Chemistry 1978-2017
77 04-Dec-2022 Ms. Prabha Bhagat Modern School Maths / Headmistress 1981-2019
78 18-Nov-2023 Ms. Usha Nair Modern School Economics/ Political Science 1982-2017
79 18-Nov-2023 Mr. JP Sharma Modern School Sports 1978-2013
80 18-Nov-2023 Mr. Chandrasekhar Jr. Modern School Sports 1979-2012
81 18-Nov-2023 Ms. Vidhu Gadia Jr. Modern School Hindi 1979-2015

We have profound gratitude for the devoted and committed services of our teachers, we are truly indebted to them and attribute our success to the collective effort of the teachers who taught us during our delightful journey at Modern School. The strong foundation that these teachers built for each student has been invaluable.

As a way of showing our gratitude the Modernites Trust, under the ongoing Gurupranam initiative, has started a Medical Aid initiative wherein the domiciliary and/or hospital medical expenses incurred by our Gurus for treatment shall be reimbursed by the Trust, up to a certain limit.

Modernites Trust has already assisted several Gurus in need through this initiative. It is our way of echoing the sentiments of all Modernites who say in unison, "Walk on, walk on; with hope in your heart, and you will never walk alone."