Mohammad Kamran (Batch of 2018)

"I thank to Allah and Modernite Trust. It’s because of them I am pursuing my dream."

WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW :I am doing B.Sc. Aeronautics with Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license training(1st year) at Jamia Millia Islamia.

MEANING OF BEING A MODERNITE :First it means a lot to me being a Modernite. For me it means to be well-educated,well-behaved. Having a standard of living life not just like any other kid. Always there to help anyone anytime.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN SCHOOL : I was in S1. It was my first year in Modern School. Independence Day was around the corner. My friends told me that Modern School celebrates it in a grand way like it has play, ballet, choir. So I was excited about the day and very eager and desperate to watch it. On the day of celebration I woke up late. I panicked because I didn’t want to miss it at any cost. I used to go by school bus and bus used to pick me up about 1 km away from my home. My father used to drop me till stop and we used to cover the distance by walking. I had breakfast and packed up my bag in a hurry and we got out. We saw its raining heavily and we had only 1 umbrella. Somehow we walked some distance and had a rickshaw. My father looked more tensed than me as he knew how eagerly I wanted to watch it. My father is scolding rickshaw vaala that tez chalao bus nikal jayegi. But still we missed the bus. And it went in front of our eyes. In a hurry, we took an auto and went to school. Now the situation is, we were standing in front of the main gate of school on the footpath looking at the gate, rain is heavy and we have only one umbrella. I am thinking to give him umbrella so that he can go home without getting wet but he is thinking to give it to me. I will never forget what he said next. He said humne sapne mein bhi nahi socha tha ki tumhe itne badhe school mein padha payenge. Is school se kuch haasil karke nikalna hai. Jab is school se niklo to kuch banke nikalna hai tumhe mere lie wahi bahot hai bas. He gave me umbrella and told me to go. I walked away with my tears falling down with rain.

HOW THE TRUST HELPED ME REALISE MY DREAMS:I wanted to pursue engineering after school but I didn’t get enough score in JEE Mains to get a good college. First I wanted to do coaching for JEE and reappear in exam. I contacted Mr. Sunder Hemrajani Sir and Mr Vidur Puri Sir and asked them for the financial support because we do not have a financial status to pay its fees. They are always ready to help and support scholars and that time also they were ready to support. Meanwhile Jamia Millia Islamia declared to organize a new course B.Sc. Aeronautics in which they were providing a B.Sc degree and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer training after completing which a license of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer will be provided by Directorate General of Civil Aviation. It attracted me. Aircrafts always fascinated me but Aeronautical Engineering was not available except in IITs and its fees was too high for us. I was getting to work on them. And Jamia Millia Islamia is a government well-reputed university. I again contacted them and told them about this. It had 1 lakh thirty thousand fees to be paid per year. They were ready to help for this too. I gave its entrance test and and I got 50th rank in general and 7th rank in Muslim Category. When i told them they were so happy for me just like my parents. Mr. Vidur Puri sir called me and my father in his office and gave a cheque of One Lakh rupees in behalf of the Modernite Trust. I thank to Allah and Modernite Trust specially Mr. Sunder Hemrajani Sir and Mr. Vidur Puri sir. It’s because of them I am pursuing my dream stream. Doesn’t matter how much i thank them, it’s still less.